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Frequently Asked Questions

Please fine answers to the most common questions we get on regular basis.

What is a Debt Collection Agency?2020-04-08T18:11:29+04:00

An agency responsible for retrieving debts on behalf of clients since it’s becoming tough for companies and investors with cases of fraud, identity theft, and delinquency becoming common. The increase in such cases has led to a need for professional agencies with a well-qualified attorney, well-trained professionals, and people with area-specific jurisdiction to rise and fulfil the demands of the investors and companies.

Our model of business requires that we recover the debt without the involvement of court orders and legal action but only if need be.

Why should you use our services to collect your debts?2020-04-08T18:12:19+04:00

Shield Debt Collection Services has been in the business of recovering debts from defaulters and bridging peace between companies and defaulting clients for a while. We have all it takes to pursue the debt recovery with due process. Hiring our services offers our clients the advantage of debt recovery with the least cost, hassle, and time consumption. We offer clients dependable staffs and creative collection methods.

How does the debt collection process work?2020-04-08T18:12:46+04:00

When we’ve been handed a case, our agent diplomatically approaches the debtor via email, telephone calls, collection letters or field visit depending on the severity and stage of the case. We explore all these options to solve the case amicably without having to take legal action. When none of these efforts prove successful, we proceed to file a legal case with your approval.

What are your client profiling?2020-04-08T18:13:05+04:00

Our client profile includes banks, multinational companies and individual personal debts.

What documents are required to initiate a process?2020-04-08T18:13:23+04:00

Proper documentation is required to support the claim. Such documents include invoices, bills, purchase delivery orders, contracts, etc.

What are your debt collection fees?2020-04-08T18:14:33+04:00

Shield Debt Collection Services would not receive any fees until the debt recovery process has been completed and, in that moment, would we initiate our agreed commission percentage. You can check our fees section here to see our commission on debt.

When do I have to pay you?2020-04-08T18:14:53+04:00

You will receive an invoice after the process has been completed and you have secured your debt.

Who decides if the debt is to proceed to litigation?2020-04-08T18:15:21+04:00

We do, with your recommendation and approval. If the debtor fails to pay up within new specified period of payment, we will initiate the litigation process. However, we have no obligation to tow that path and may decline to pursue the case further if we can no longer be of help to you our client. All decision is now left with you to write off the debts or pursue it further in the courts using your own lawyers.

How can we be updated on the status of our case?2020-04-08T18:15:42+04:00

We usually send out MIS reports on a weekly or monthly basis to clients to review. The agent assigned to your case, would handle every form of follow up that include monthly activity report through which you get the latest case updates.

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