Shield Debt Collection

Shield Debt Collection Services is regarded as one of the world’s leading and most experienced debt recovery and financial consulting firm in the UAE.  Our business provides a solution to end-users in their pursuit of debt recovery and collection. It specially offers services in the form of Debt Collection, Managing Receivables, Follow Up on clients and Consultancy.

Shield Debt Collection was established to play the vital role of assisting both defaulters and business providers retain their business operations and maintain steady cash flow by going after their defaulters and ensuring they comply with their commitments as earlier agreed.

We know it’s not easy starting a business as there’s the challenge of encountering numerous economic and operational issues that makes maintaining the day to day operations of a business a problem. We have decided to act on behalf of our clients to ensure that those businesses who encounter such operational issues that led to them defaulting on their agreements and loans are made to pay through constant follow-ups. Depending on your debt size and history, we negotiate on our client’s behalf to find a suitable payment structure that would enable easy payment plan and shorten the collection period as much as possible.

Our Vision

To assist and support individuals and businesses to recover their debts from the market and relief them from the strain of follow up to focus on strengthening their businesses.

Our Mission

Follow the latest and most advanced techniques to collect bad debts.

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